Embeddable podcasts made easy

Our web player is optimized for podcast playback and can be embedded anywhere on the web!
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Player Features

The Octopod Player is an embeddable podcast player in the form of a web component based on the latest standards. Integrating the player into existing websites couldn't be easier!


Small library with no third-party dependencies

Media API

Exposes API methods that are compatible with existing HTML5 Media containers

Customizable Styling

Customizable styling with CSS4 variables

Podcasting 2.0

Integrates with the latest Podcasting 2.0 features


Displays chapter information while the podcast is playing

Adjustable Playback Speed

Lets users select their preferred playback speed

Embed On Your Website

To embed the Octopod Player on your website, you'll need to include the library in your HTML. The player is available for free at our CDN.

<script src="https://cdn.octopod.dev/player/0.2.1/octopod-player.js"></script>

Wherever you want to embed the Octopod Player, simply use the octopod-player tag:

  src="podcast audio url.."

That's all! In fact, if you've used the <audio> or <video> elements before, you already know how to manipulate the player! But if you're new to media playback on the web, read more about it in our documentation.